Isolde Roxby: I've Got A Little Whippet

With thanks to Isolde for letting us feature and her kind comments about DMLD.

Broomside Community Choir: This Place Is On My Mind

A song about Durham City commissioned for the 900th anniversary of Durham Cathedral. Thanks to Grace at Broomside Community Choir for permission to feature their lovely rendition.

Weardale Choir: The Ballad Of Geordie Washington

Written around the American Independence Bicentenary in 1976 and based upon President George Washington's ghost returning to visit his English ancestoral seat, Washington Old Hall, Tyne & Wear. The Hall sits by the sprawling 1970s Washington New Town development with its illogical to navigate highways and districts which were (at least originally) numbered rather than named.

Roly Veitch & The Blaydon Aces: Tyneside's Where I Come From

One of Eric's more enduring local songs. Local performer Roly has updated the last verse to include some recent developments. Indeed the song being somewhat steeped in references to 1970s Newcastle invites customisation - it originally referred to the Tyne & Wear Metro in the future tense (the project having been endlessly delayed) and BBC Look North stalwarts Mike Neville and George House. Eric even later wrote a 'Humshaugh's Where I Come From' version for the local children to sing in church hall concerts in the said North Tyne village, where he spent his retirement. Thanks to Roly and band for permission to feature. The Blaydon Aces' YouTube channel has many other local traditional songs and Roly's website is indispensible for information on the North East folk scene and its history.

Raymond Cowell: I've Got A Little Whippet

Raymond performs with The Ukes Of Northumberland - he makes ukeleles too.