2018 competition

This year's competition is open 1 September - 31 December 2018.

We're looking for a new folk song about the North East of England. Eric proved the folk tradition needn't be limited to stories from the past and DMLD want to encourage young songwriters to continue in his path. Entries can be serious or humorous and written by professionals, semi-professionals, students or anyone else, collaborations are fine too. The best entry will receive a prize of £250 and if the standard is high further cash prize/s may be awarded too.

To enter, audio of the song needs to be online on a publicly accessible site (e.g. YouTube, Soundcloud, your own website). We regret we can't accept audio files or links to social media requiring sign-in. The song itself, rather than the performance or any accompanying video, will be judged. Please send the link, name/s and ages of all writers and a declaration the song is original by midnight on 31 December 2018, to:


As well as the cash prize, the winning song and any prize-winning runners-up will be featured on this website and DMLD's YouTube page.


1. Songs should be 2 to 4 minutes in length and lyrics should relate in some way to the North East of England. 2. All entrants must be under the age of 30 on 31 December 2018. 3. Lyrics should be suitable for a family audience. 4. Entries should not be already published. Copyright in all entries remains with the entrants, but entrants give us the right to feature, if it wins a prize, the song (non-commercially) on dontmentionlittledonkey.com, youtube.com/dmlittledonkey and any future website or social media site set up in the DMLD name, although we are not obliged to do so, and to feature the names of the writers. 5. One prize of £250 will be awarded. Smaller runner-up prize(s) may also be awarded if the standard of entries warrant. If there is no entry of sufficient standard in a particular year, no prize will be awarded and the prize monies will carry forward to the following year's competition. 6. Members of and friends of members of the following are excluded from entry: the family of Eric Boswell, his publishers, TyneSites Web Media and any direct service provider to TyneSites Web Media. 7. The winner/s will be announced on dontmentionlittledonkey.com by 31 March 2019 and the prize/s will be paid by 30 June 2019.