Eric Boswell | Discography

Vinyl and cassette

Long deleted but occasionally turning up on eBay:

North By North East, Mawson Wareham Music, 1974 (LP)
Geordierama, MWM, 1976 (LP)
Eric Boswell: Left To Write, Various Artists, MWM, 1979 or 1980 (LP)
Spectrum Sing Boswell, 1987 (Cassette) - cover features Eric and NUFC-supporting friend (right)



Eric Boswell: Archive - Songs Of The North, Various, MWM, 2005 (2xCD)

'Archive' is the best available collection. Eric himself chose not only the track list but in many cases which versions he preferred. The recordings span about thirty years and all have been digitally restored by recording engineer Ken McKenzie. Link is to J G Windows' mail order shop. Windows' stores in Newcastle Central Arcade, Metrocentre QUBE and Darlington will order if not in stock and there's a stock-checking facility on their website. 'Archive' is also available on digital download, see below.


Take Me Up The Tyne, Graeme Danby and Valerie Reid, MWM, c 2002 (CD)
There's More To Life, Graeme Danby and Valerie Reid, MWM, 2009 (CD)

Again links are to Windows' mail order. These include several songs unavailable elsewhere, i.e. the later songs Eric wrote specifically for the pair.


The Bobby Thompson Laugh-In live from the Mayfair Suite circa end 1970s is available on CD and contains all three songs Eric wrote for him and of course Bobby's inimitable stand up.

It's also part of a three CD Bobby Thompson box set. Links again to Windows' online store though invariably in stock at their shops.


Singer/harpist Janet Bennett includes songs by Eric on three CDs, two as part of The Border Minstrels with fiddler Tom Waugh and Northumbrian piper Richard Butler. All played Eric's songs for many years, Richard and Tommy being 'Geordierama' regulars.

'There'll Be Nae One Else For Me' and 'But It's Mine' on Clarsumbria
'The Summer of Last Year' and 'But It's Mine' on Echoes From The Hills
'I Will Marry A Boy From The Northland' and 'North Of The Tyne' on From Hills To Shore

Digital downloads


Eric Boswell: Archive - Songs Of The North at Amazon UK or Amazon US. See CD section above.


Ralph was probably Eric's favourite singer. His seminal recording of 'Jenny Was There' from the 1970s is on Amazon UK or US.


A rather more recent 'But It's Mine' by Alex and Keith Swailes at Amazon UK or US. over 100 versions of Little Donkey at the usual digital stores and streaming services and on Christmas compilation CDs.

Sheet music and songbooks


Eric Boswell's Songs Of The North East - Book 1: There's More to Life Than Women and Beer, Take Me Up the Tyne, I've Got a Little Whippet, The Summer of Last Year, The First Footin' Song, Katie Was There, Tyneside's Where I Come From, This Place is on my Mind, The Ballad of Geordie Washington, I Cannot Help Havin' a Sort of Feelin' & The Parting.

Book 2: But It's Mine, Sweet Waters of Tyne, Bird Fly High, There'll Be No One Else For Me, Playing Hard To Get, North Of The Tyne, Wi' Me Pit Claes On, Everything Changes, Mary Ann & They Don't Write Songs Like These.

Book 3: My Girl from the Northland, The Good Old Bad Old Days, Come The Global Warming, The Girl from Outer Space, Where Are We Going from Here?, Maybe This is Love, Olaf and Svensen and Fred, Supermarket Blues, The Social Security Waltz, The Doomsday Song, Welcome to Geordieland.

Book 4: The Great Longbenton Leek, A Geordie Love Song, The Whippet, Got to Get Away, Mary Lister, Cawd Feet, The Ghost of Saint Mary's, You'll Be Laughin', The Saga of Hadrian's Wall, I've Got a Daft Pigeon.

These have vocal line, piano accompaniment and guitar chords. The first two books are (more or less) the seventies though the chronology of the songs isn't exact. And the whippet manages to get herself into Book 1 *and* Book 4.


Sheet music of 'Little Donkey' and 'Boy From Bethlehem' continues to be published. 'Little Donkey' is available not only for piano and voice but also scored for violin or saxophone from publishers Warner Chappell.

Boosey & Hawkes mail order is the place for the Boy From Bethlehem sheet music and indeed they also sell various editions of that other song.

"Pre-owned" sheet music of Eric's other 1960s pop songs including 'Suddenly I'm In Love', 'Money In My Pocket', and 'Why Can't We?' turns up on eBay more often than you'd think as do original artist "alternate covers" of 'LD' with Gracie Fields, The Beverley Sisters and Nina & Frederik (left).

Little Donkey picture story

Children's author Jan Lewis's holographic picture book based on the lyrics of the song was published by Orchard/Shimmery Board Books in 2002 and, once again, eBay/Amazon is your friend.