DMLD YouTube channel features Katie Was There, Wait For Me and a playlist of Eric's songs uploaded by others. All of the other songs from Katie Mulholland can be streamed at Soundcloud.

Eric's Wikipedia page and his artist page at Mawson Wareham Music.

A site about London musical theatre legend Ken Hill which mentions his work on Katie Mulholland.

Ken McKenzie is a local recording engineer who did a fantastic clean up job on various ageing analogue sources to produce Eric's 2005 2xCD Archive (see Discography). He also created the 50th anniversary release of Little Donkey which duetted Graeme Danby's contemporary vocals with the 1959 ones of Gracie Fields. Ken talks about this project on his website.


We'd love to hear from you if you have information about Eric's work we've missed, or if you've made new recordings we can feature or indeed are performing his songs. Please give plenty of notice of gig dates. We're interested too in old photos, press cuttings or memorabilia we might be able to feature, video clips of What Fettle! and anything connected with Katie Mulholland. If you can help please don't hesitate to get in touch:

We'd add DMLD is run independently of Eric's Estate/family and we can't unfortunately pass emails on to them, but we can provide Eric's publisher's email who are the right contact if you wish to make commercial recordings of Eric's published folk songs:

and the UK Performing Rights Society are probably the best place to start for enquiries about commercial cover versions of Eric's pop songs or any of the unpublished works.

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